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About Us

Jsnewstimes - Learn here Basics of computer knowledge and latest technology information.
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My name is Jey I’m Studying Diploma Computer science and engineering, I’m 19 Years old my Computer knowledge I’m sharing in this blog.

I start my Online Journey in 2017 June. I created a Tech YouTube Channel and 1 year left the YouTube channel.

After I created a 2 or 3 Blogspot without a Domain for learning what is a website and How to google indexing.

How to write articles and what is SEO.

I do some experiments with these blogs. The first time buy a domain from GoDaddy Techstudents.in on this website I write the article like Technology, Gadgets, Jobs Informations, and also free Programming courses.

In this Website, you will Learn here Basics of computer information of technology, Operating System and more in future I will try to upload more categories as possible.

I Love Tech

And contact me if you want any information about relative to technology.
Keep  😊 smile be happy.